Our Story and Company History

Tyrosys was born out of our company founder and CEO, Bill Chapman, passion for technology in October 2002.

Frequently customers ask us about the origin of our company name.

Tyrosys is more than just a name, it's a commitment towards our customers  and a motto for how we do business. 

Tyrosys was created with the focus that technology is always  evolving so we must continually learn in order to be experts, and that  buying decisions are made with the systems and passion dedicated to  provide quality service.

We are humble and understand that people have many choices when it  comes to the service of their Mac Computers and Fiber Optic Test  Equipment. Our technicians are focused on providing clients with quality  repairs, knowledgable solutions, and quick turnaround. 

Tyrosys' History — Serving for 17 Years

Tyrosys started on October 1, 2002, in Plano, Texas with the  original focus on service and repair of electronic and fiber optic test  equipment, and quickly following the sale of quality value priced  oscilloscope probes.

Our original two brands, TyroLab and ezProbe have grown into mature  brands that are known for quality with over a dozen years of proven  success.

In April 2004 Tyrosys became a C-class corporation in order to  focus on our broader corporate growth and commitment to our founding  standards.

In spring 2007 Tyrosys earned an Apple Authorized Service Provider  partnership with Apple. Meeting, and maintaining, Apple’s strict  requirements of Certifications and accreditation, Tyrosys is focused on  providing Mac owners Authorized service and repair of their computers.

The summer of 2010 was a milestone for Tyrosys by opening our first  branch location in Georgetown, Texas. Focused with serving Central  Texans, by locating in Georgetown we are able to service regional  clients both from the greater Austin metro as well as Waco and Killeen /  Ft. Hood.

In October of 2018 Tyrosys relocated our headquarters office to a  new freestanding location on the north side of Bonham, Texas. This new  location features much better accessibility including our own parking lot  and will enable even better our productivity for the start of our 17th  year.

In the Spring of 2019 Tyrosys relocated our Georgetown branch office to a brand-new facility in Leander, Texas.  This new facility is twice as large as our former office featuring a much larger laboratory with integrated warehouse, and a customer lobby and training area.   The Leander office is easily accessible in the Central Texas Region with direct access to major Austin Metro thoroughfares of 183A and Ronald Reagan Blvd (Parmer Ln). We look forward to serving you for many years to come in our new Leander branch office!


The Tyrosys Management Team

Bill Chapman, our President and CEO

Bill Chapman, President and CEO of Tyrosys Corp


US Air Force trained and skilled, I moved from technician to  sales  manager in my early years before moving on to help build a couple  more  technical rental companies. 

2002 offered the right climate to begin  building a new industry player.

Territory by Technology ®, coupled with a humbleness in the face of new opportunity, is the foundation of our phenomenal success and our hallmark for steady growth.

Grant Chapman, our COO and Operations Manager

Grant Chapman, COO and Operations Manager of Tyrosys Corp


I love technology and have centered my career around it.

From my early days as a kid fixing 

Apple ][e computers, to  growing  up through the rise of the internet in the 90's, I've always  had a  knack for fixing computers, tinkering with electronics, and a  passion  for teaching the technology to others.

I started out my career working for Apple, which re-ignited my   passion for Apple products. Since then I've taken it upon myself to become a master of Apple technologies through official certifications and Apple accreditations.

While growing my skill set, I've earned my stripes and have helped  build a company that I am very proud of. Our goal is to remind  clients of what true customer service is; quality, craftsmanship, and  Texas  hospitality.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve!